How do I view my church’s members and group?

Church is an important part of our spiritual life. In 2or3 you can easily find others who attend your church, so you can communicate with them and pray for each other.

To view a list of your church’s members, click on your profile picture in the upper left corner to enter the “You” section. Click on “My church,” and you will see the information about your church and the list of members. In this page, you can follow other members. You can also join your church’s group in 2o3. You can share about your church with others in 2or3 as well.

If you haven’t yet added your church information to your profile, you can do that easily by searching for your church’s name and then adding it to your profile.

If you know other members of your church who aren’t in your church’s group yet, you can share the church page with them. Simply click on “Share Church,” and then choose the method you want to use, such as Facebook, Messenger, etc.

You can easily join your church’s group in 2or3. Click on the church group name to enter the group profile page. Then click on “Join.”