What can I do in “Explore”?

The “Explore” page provides access to current topics as well as opportunities to interact with others in 2or3.

In “Explore” you can:

  1. View trending hashtags and current topics.

Click on a hashtag to view the moments, prayers, and discussions related to that topic.


  1. Meet and follow others in 2or3.

By clicking on a moment, prayer, etc., you can view the details of that post. You can also click on the person’s profile picture to see their profile page. On their profile page, you can choose to follow them or add them as a friend. When you follow someone, their posts will be included in your “Feed.”


  1. Comment on, like, or share other people’s posts.

If you comment on someone’s post, you will have the option to repost it. Then it will be shown in your “Feed” as well.


  1. Create a discussion, prayer, or moment.

Click on the blue “+” button to start a discussion, prayer, or moment. You can choose the setting for your content to be “Public,” for “Friends,” or “Private.” If you choose the “Public” setting, your content will be visible in the “Feed” on the “Explore” page.


  1. Search for others in 2or3, or for content, groups, events, etc. (Android)

Click on the search icon in the top right corner. Then type in a name or keywords for your search. You can filter the search results by clicking on the options at the top.